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Звертаємо увагу! На даний момент вартість послуг на сайті не є актуальною та, на жаль, не всі послуги доступні.

Стосовно цін на послуги та можливості зйомки у м. Київ звертайтеся у приватні повідомлення (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp) за номером +380630233337

На фотосессії в травні діє знижка 50%.

Dyachenko production is wedding, family and business photo and video shooting.

Some facts about our work

- Over 12 years of successful work, more than 400 couples, more than 200 families and more than 100 companies have used our services

- It is very important for us that the photo and video convey the atmosphere of your event as much as possible, therefore we approach the details and musical arrangement with great care

- Each project for us is always an individual work. We do not shoot or edit according to a template.

- We always have a spare set of equipment

- The advantage of team work is that all team members are interested in the overall result, and not just in their own. This improves efficiency and quality of work.

- We work officially and under the contract.

- All material we always keep in duplicate.

- We can shoot in 5 languages ​​(Ukrainian, English, French, German, Russian)

- We do retouching not only on photos, but also on video!

With uv. Ekaterina and Alexander Dyachenko, heads of the studio "DYACHENKO production"

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Here's what our couples say about us

We want to express our deep gratitude to Sasha and Katya for the fact that, looking at the photos and videos, we once again experienced our special day! And I am sure that every viewing will evoke such emotions in us! From the very first communication, we were sure that everything would be at the highest level! Thank you for sharing the holiday with us and capturing all the emotions of this day ❤️ We will be happy to review photos and videos for many many years   

08/15/2020, Olga and Dmitry


We highly recommend Alexander and Ekaterina as an operator and photographer! Impeccable photos where you can see and remember all the emotions you experienced ❤️ And the video is just magical, with perfectly matched music! To say that we really liked everything is to say nothing 😍 Therefore, newlyweds - do not miss your chance 🤩

07/21/2020, Dasha and Valera


Sasha and Katya, we are extremely lucky to meet you! Immediately after the first meeting, we realized that we had met professionals. Thanks for the advice, for the tips, for the chic productions like in fabulous pictures!
Your work is just perfect! The choice of angle, landscape, ideas for the frame - the photo immediately shows that the work is done with soul 😍
We will definitely contact you again and again! Good luck, grateful clients, a lot of energy and inspiration to create incredible photo masterpieces!!! With the greatest gratitude,

08/10/2019, Vadim and Vladislava


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One of the most important stages of preparing for a wedding is choosing a wedding photographer. This is one of the most difficult processes, because many owners of good cameras consider themselves photographers. And if you managed to shoot someone's wedding, it automatically became a wedding. Now in the wedding market there is a very high risk of getting just such a “specialist”.

A photographer cannot be universal for all shootings, everyone has several areas in which he is a pro. Wedding photography includes several genres at the same time. Reportage, staging, studio shooting, shooting objects and decorative elements are closely intertwined here. Based on this, it follows that it is necessary to order a wedding photographer for a wedding. A person who has extensive experience working specifically at weddings. I want to note that many wedding photographers also conduct family photo shoots. I think this is the ideal option. After the wedding, you will have many more reasons to order photography and will already have someone to turn to, because you will already have your family photographer.

The first thing you will see when looking for a wedding photographer is their portfolio. This can be a selection on the photographer's personal website, on a page in social networks or on a wedding theme portal. If this is a selection of photos from different weddings and you really liked them - do not rush to make a choice! Be sure to make an appointment and watch the weddings in full. From any, even the most unsuccessful shooting, you can choose some very cool photos.

Before booking a wedding photography, a meeting with a wedding photographer is required. In addition to the opportunity to see the work of the photographer in full, you will be able to communicate with him personally and understand whether it will be comfortable with this person on your wedding day. You and your wedding photographer need to be on the same wavelength, thinking in the same direction when it comes to photographing your wedding.

As for the cost of wedding photography, everything is simple and the rule that the price corresponds to the quality works in most cases. Experienced and successful photographers work in this field for about the same price.

We will be happy to create for you wedding photos, unique memories of your fabulous wedding day. Wedding photography is one of our main focuses, as is family photography. When you need a wedding photographer, you have a number of questions regarding wedding photography. We will be happy to advise you on all the nuances both at a meeting and by phone / viber, as well as help with choosing places for a wedding photo shoot.

+38 063-02-3333-7 (Viber\WhatsApp)

Sincerely, Ekaterina and Alexander Dyachenko, wedding photographers in Kiev and the region.

Dyachenko production

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